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100 Friendship Messages for Best Friend & Her

Friends are everything, even God had a friend named Abraham, this shows we all need friends and can’t live without them

So how do we appreciate our friends, one way is by sending them messages to let them know how much they mean to us

100 Friendship Message-min

Here are 100 Friendship Messages you can send now


Friendship Message for her

  1. My friendship of life we are like two peas in a pod, i love you to death
  2. Women fight over trivial things and mostly men, but that has never happened to us in over our 5 years of friendship, i truly appreciate you
  3. You are more than a sister to me because you are always there to listen and comfort me anytime i need you
  4. Jealous friends try to come in between us, but they don’t know how strong our bond is, friendship mi to strong, i love you
  5. They say, hearsay, they6 keep trying to break our friendship, let them try while they help us get stronger

Heart Touching Friendship Messages

  1. Who would have thought we would have ended up this close, for once i thought i could never have anything to do with you
  2. I bless the day you walked into my life, you brought so much joy, fun, and ease along with you
  3. I always have this strong conviction that with you i can do anything because you are always there to support me
  4. I admire our friendship sometimes it makes me cry
  5. I adore you my friend because you make life easy and worth living for me
  6. You are always my helping hand in times of need and i really appreciate and hold you in high regards
  7. It wasn’t always just the two of us, but along the way i knew it would be just two of us, that’s how tight we were
  8. If i had to choose just one person i will hang out with all the rest of my life, i would choose you in a heartbeat
  9. I wouldn’t trade your friendship for anything else in this world that’s how much i value you
  10. If it’s just me and you against the world i would go all out because you are the best
  11. Anytime you are not with me, my soul goes searching for you because you are an important part of my soul
  12. Your friendship nourishes my soul, you are the best soul food ever
  13. If you were food and i had to eat just you all day every day, i would gladly because you are complete, so i would get all i need
  14. I don’t think anything or anyone can ever come between us because what we share is not superficial, it’s magical
  15. We bond so well because what we have is spiritual and not of this world, so you are my superhuman friend and i adore you

Love Message Category-min

Sweet Friendship Message to Make Her Smile

  1. A guy’s best friend is supposed to be a guy, am not ashamed to say you are my best friend
  2. You make it easy for me to talk to you, talking to you leaves a smile on my face afterward
  3. Whenever i talk to you i never want it to end, but all good things must come to an end
  4. Whenever i am around you i feel calm and poise but when am not around you i feel uneasy
  5. What have you done to me, you have me driving miles on end just to talk to you
  6. My friend, my help, you are my comforter in time of need
  7. How we started i don’t know but i know there would be no end to our friendship
  8. I feel ecstatic anytime we get to hang out, you always make me feel good and special
  9. You make me better by myself

Sweet Message for Best Friend

  1. You are the best thing that ever happened to me since my birthday
  2. The best things in life are free and you my friend are a free gift i cherish above every other thing else in life
  3. How we became best friends still amazes me to date but what does it matter, am glad we are besties now
  4. We started out as friends now we are inseparable, guess it was fate

Emotional Message for Best Friend

  1. I really can’t describe the feelings i have whenever we hang out together, it’s so intense and liberating
  2. If i had to choose between you and food, i’ll choose you because you complete me
  3. I don’t think i would have come this far in life if it wasn’t for your friendship and support
  4. Some people come into your life to make things good or worse, but you came into my loife and made it the best for me
  5. Even though we don’t get to talk for 5 years, getting back would only seem like 5 days ago

Short Message for Best Friend Girl

  1. The girly girl that makes me a girly girl
  2. My ride or die girl who knows what’s up
  3. You are my Boonie
  4. A best friend better than diamonds
  5. My bestest bestie, i love you

Short Message for Best Friend Forever

  1. Best friends are forever am glad its with you
  2. There’s no pressure in our friendship, that’s why it will last forever
  3. If i had to choose one friend forever, I’ll forever choose you

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