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About Us

Early 2020, February to be precise, We started collecting inspirational, meaningful, relatable quotes on one of our blogs to inspire students. As the number of quotes was increasing daily, we created to handle the ever-growing quote collections.

Our aim is to make Quoteswamp the top Quotes website in Nigeria where users can search for their favourite quotes and also view quotes through topics or author’s name. You can also vote your favourite quotes and inspire someone by sharing.

We have over 700,000 database famous people quotes which we are yet to upload. However, want more powerful and inspirational quotes from everyday people like you. You don’t have to be popular to be known. Your quotes might just be the right word someone somewhere is waiting for. Moreover, we reward premium members with actual cash for submitting unique quotes on QuoteSwamp.

If you have a good quote made by you or a good quote that is not on the website, you can submit it here and earn money

If you have any queries please see the FAQs page, otherwise, you can contact us here.

For more information on How to earn money for submitting quote click here

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