Anniversary Prayer For A Special Couples

  1. On your anniversary I pray for you, And for all special couples who have experienced true love and happiness. May the coming years bring new joy and discovery; May your time together be filled with laughter and joy as it was tonight.
  2. I don’t know if you realize the impact that you have on this world. Your love for one another and for God is inspiring. I just want to take a moment to pray that your marriage remains strong, happy, and prosperous. On this special anniversary of your love affair, I wish you infinite blessings from heaven above. Happy anniversary!
  3. Thank you for being the strong, supportive, and loving partner that I have always needed. It’s because of you that our relationship is so successful and satisfying. Happy Anniversary!
  4. May the Lord bless you both as you begin your special day, always protecting you from all harm and giving you the strength to face all challenges.
  5. May God guide you and provide for all your needs throughout the years of your marriage. The Lord will bless you with many years of happiness and success in your marriage. You’ll become closer than ever in the years ahead.
  6. Let us pray now dear God, that you may bless our friends (name) and (name) in their life together. Bless them as they celebrate this occasion of their decades together. Give them the grace to face our years with patience and charity.
  7. May your love surround them always and guide their steps as they walk into a new year in your joyous company. Amen
  8. May God bless you with many more happy years of marriage. I wish you only the very best in life and happiness in each other
  9. Happy Anniversary to the most amazing couple in the world. You both have poured your love into our lives and continue to do so every day. Thanks for being such an inspiration and for blessing us with all of your positive energy and positivity. We are truly blessed to have you two in our lives! Have a blessed anniversary!
  10. To a special couple on the anniversary of their wedding, may they enjoy peace and harmony throughout their lives together.
  11. May they always follow the advice of their parents, listen to the wisdom of their elders whenever they are offered, and always have eyes that see each other’s faults and a heart that understands them.
  12. To my dearest best friend, it has been a year since we made the commitment to be together. I love you more each day and hope that you know what an amazing blessing you are to my life. You see me through everything and always make me feel wonderful inside.”
  13. May your marriage be filled with the wonderful joys each day brings, and may you never grow tired of working together to make your life that much more enjoyable and complete. May you be blessed with many happy years together, and may you always stay young at heart!
  14. May your anniversary be filled with love and happiness. May you continue to grow old together, hand in hand. The Lord has blessed you with each other as one. Bless your marriage as a gift from God.
  15. A prayer for a truly wonderful couple on their wedding anniversary. A blessing for such a special day and a reminder to stay strong as you continue to form your union together.
  16. A prayer for you and your husband today, dear friend: Lord God, thank you for the blessing of this special couple. Thank You also for their love, which has been pure and true before You, through the years.
  17. Keep them faithful to each other in every trial that lies ahead and continue to show them ways in which they can grow together as man and wife. Grant that they will be strengthened by Your Holy Spirit as they share the joys and sorrows of life. I ask this in Jesus’ name…Amen
  18. As you celebrate your anniversary with your loved one, let this prayer be a reminder of the great love God has for you. May you always embrace and grow in that love.
  19. Lord, today I’m asking you to send good angels over my special friend, who is celebrating a wedding anniversary. Amen
  20. May your love and friendship bloom, just as this bouquet of flowers. Happy Anniversary to you and your spouse.
  21. Most Beloved God, we thank you for the loving couple in our lives. We thank you for their love and trust in You. Help them to continue to grow their love for each other as they go through life together.
  22. Watch over them and keep them safe, healthy, and happy in everything they do together. Help us too as Your children to learn from them how to make our marriages more loving and lasting. Amen.’
  23. My prayer for this special day is that you will always be free from sickness, temptation, and sadness. God bless you on your anniversary and may your love continue to grow sweeter each day.
  24. Today is a day of celebration for you and for the beautiful union that God has brought together. It has been so exciting to watch your love grow as you’ve leaned on each other through the years, trusting in God and in each other.
  25. I send my prayer for a very successful married life and a happy anniversary to you both! I wish that you will have a wonderful time celebrating this special day.
  26. Let us pray that their love may be ever true and that God may guide them through each day. May their home always be blessed with joy, and happiness be their greatest wish.
  27. May they never lose faith in each other and always trust that each of them shall help the other to achieve his goals for their life together.
  28. May the Lord bless you with words of encouragement and strength. May He send you help from above when times are rough, strength in your weakness, a blessing for every good thing you do, and the joy of knowing that the two of you are bound by the vows you made to each other today.
  29. Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of this special couple. May they always be happy, healthy, and free from all harm. Help them to trust in your goodness and love and help them to trust each other. Fill their marriage with joy, laughter, and caring. Give them the strength to withstand the obstacles along their path through life so that they might spread joy around them
  30. May God bless your love, O my dearest friends. May He continue to strengthen you through all the years of your marriage and walk beside you every step of the way!
  31. My prayer for you is that God will heal your heart, comfort your soul and surround you with love. Today and every day…
  32. Anniversary prayer for a special couple, may the Lord bless and keep you with his tender care. May you always be happy standing side by side in love and faith.
  33. May your marriage be blessed by God and the church. May you share your joys and sorrows together throughout the years. May your home always be a peaceful retreat, where you can refresh yourselves in each other’s company, full of love and affection.
  34. God wants every person to be happy, and have perfect happiness in marriage. Therefore, I pray that you may become the best partners on earth who stands by each other through thick and thin. Happy anniversary!
  35. A happy anniversary to a couple as unique as you. May God bless you with love, laughter, and many more years together.
  36. Happy Anniversary to you, my love. You are my inspiration, my rock, and the one who makes me feel loved. Happy anniversary.
  37. God, we praise you for the joys of your people and thank you for the love between us. We pray that our friendship will continue to grow as we celebrate another year of life together.
  38. May our relationship be a witness to those around us, showing them the blessings that come from living in your presence and obeying your unchanging Word. Amen
  39. I pray for a special couple, a beautiful image in the mind of God. May the joy of this day last forever in your hearts and may you always remember their devotion and love for each other.
  40. May their vision, hope and faith never diminish. And may your love for one another grow day by day! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
  41. God Bless you on your Anniversary. May you enjoy each other, grow in love, and have many more years to come. May this be a special day for you both.
  42. Because of you and your love for each other, God has given you the responsibility of caring for one another. May He help you, as husbands and wives, to be best friends, so that your love for each other will continue to grow throughout the years.
  43. I pray for God’s blessings on you and your family this anniversary. Know that He has loved you from the beginning and always will. Happy anniversary!
  44. O God, you are the source of all happiness. May you bless and protect your family as they celebrate their anniversary. We pray that their life together is filled with peace, health, grace, and all that is good. Amen
  45. Dear God, today we celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people who have been blessed with the gift of love. Bless their relationship and make them the best of friends, that the love they share may always be creative, challenging, and compassionate in its strength.
  46. Prayer for a special couple: God, thank you for the many blessings of your goods as you have brought us here and now. May we always be mindful of Your guidance and protection. Grant us wisdom and courage to walk on the right path and follow Your will, so that we may experience in joyful anticipation all that is awaiting us when we reach our destination. Amen.”
  47. On this day I pray unto the Lord, that he would make your marriage an example to us all. May you both be blessed to grow in love through all seasons of life, as you continue to live out God’s calling in each other and in other people’s lives.
  48. May God bless your marriage and the wonderful years ahead. May the warmth of your love grow more with each passing season. May you always look forward to the new beginnings that await each morning. And may you always treasure each moment together – whether it’s by candlelight, beside a roaring fire, or under the stars!
  49. Lord, our God, in your mercy, help them to trust, hope, and believe that your grace is sufficient for them. Use their life experience as an example for others, making them useful in every good work and bringing great honor to your name through the joy of their hearts. Amen
  50. Your love has brightened my world, your love has given me the strength for all that is to come. Always believe in each other and never give up hope.
  51. May this anniversary be a new beginning of many happy years together. May you continue with the same happy spirit that has brought you this far, ever ready to walk out the plans God has laid down before you.
  52. May the Lord bless you with wisdom, love, and grace to walk through life hand in hand with each other.
  53. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace on this day of your anniversary.

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