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Best Romantic Messages To Set The Mood Right

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  • September 24, 2021

Romance is the lifeblood of love, without it, love cannot be fully expressed and experienced, lets look at it this way, using a car as an example, the car is the love, the whole package, but a car has 2 important parts to it, the body and engine, the body can be the feelings while the engine romance.

So when feelings run with romance then you have love, below are some romantic messages to help set romance in motion with your lover or wife

best romantic messages-min


1. Here is the direct line to my heart, 000love call me anytime, i am just one call away from loving you, holding you, and caring for you

2. When you need somebody to love, somebody to hold you in the right way, somebody to listen to you, somebody to comfort you, i will be here

3. Right now i can’t think straight, intoxicated and it’s all because of you, when am with you, you make feel high and drunk in your love

4. Right now i am emotional, i loose control when am with you, i hope i have not said too much, guess i always push my luck when am with you

5. My feeling towards you is the same as the feeling i get when my favorite song comes on

6. Can your heart be mine, to love, to care for, to cherish to adore, i do not care about what might have happened to it in the past, from now on it’s mine to love

7. Sounds like you need a friend, i will be your lover and friend, lovers fight a lot, friends are able to get over issues effortlessly

8. Anytime you come around me i feel shivers roll down my spine, sometimes i go into panic shocks

9. Am having an emergency and i need your Total Loving and Care

10. I just want to get naughty with you

11. Lets make love, let us paint the whole world red, let’s get lost together

12. I am in the mood for your naughtiness, it is good for my soul and i cannot get enough of it

13. I want to rub your body, i want to mold it, i want to shape every inch of it, tonight i will be the porter and you the clay

14. There is a fire burning in my body that only you can quench it, be my firefighter tonight

15. The candles are lit, roses all over the place, the table is set and the only thing missing is you. Let’s move mountains tonight


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