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30+ Birthday Prayer Points For Friends & Loved Ones

Birthdays are so special and saying the right words during such a day is very important. Here are birthday prayer points for your loved ones or your significant other.

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Birthday Prayer to a Friend

  1. To a friend closer than a brother or sister, i pray for you today on your birthday, may you be granted the desires of your heart
  2. I pray for you my friend, today is your birthday, may you birth new ideas, visions, and beginnings that will move you forward in life
  3. Today is your birthday, may you attract goodness, kindness, and abundance, my friend
  4. Go forth and shine so bright today on this special day, happy birthday my friend
  5. Today is your birthday, i pray from this day forward, go and experience joy, happiness, favor, and peace
  6. May you experience divine visitation that will change your life for good my friend. Happy Birthday
  7. My friend this birthday would be one of upliftment for you in every area of your life
  8. As you celebrate your birthday today my friend, celebration in every area of your life will not depart from you
  9. To a friend on a special day like this, go and prosper beyond your understanding
  10. To one of the most incredible person I’ve ever met.I pray you will forever be an excellent friend to me and that you will have many more birthdays.
  11. Warmest regards on your birthday, buddy. I wish that God blesses you with many more years so that we can always rejoice together. Continue to be blessed.
  12. Today is a special day for you, I pray that you grow in faith with God and that you find comfort in God’s love for you. Wishing you many blessings on your special day.

Short Birthday Prayer

  1. Best wishes for you on this special day which is your birthday
  2. This is the day you choose to be born so i pray you experience the utmost joy of life today
  3. You shall experience pure goodness today. Happy Birthday
  4. Receive the grace to be the best in everything you do. Happy Birthday
  5. The wealth of life shall be yours on this special day
  6. Thanks shall not depart from your mouth today and forevermore

Birthday Prayer Message for my Love

  1. Our love will age and blossom with grace as you attain a new age today. Happy Birthday
  2. Loving you has brought profound joy into my life, i pray you experience unlimited joy from today till eternity. Happy Birthday
  3. I wish above all things that your love life prospers even as you prosper in age today
  4. May your birthday always be a reminder to you of how special your love for me has been
  5. On your special day, I pray that God blesses you with unfathomable joy. I am very grateful to have people like you in my life.

Birthday Prayer for Myself

  1. It’s my birthday and i wish myself a happy birthday and pray for better years ahead
  2. I don’t need anyone to wish me a happy birthday before i can feel good today, i pray for myself, may this birthday be the best i ever experienced
  3. Today is my day and i pray that my creator who birthed me grants me all my heart desires
  4. Happy Birthday to me, i pray for many more birthdays in health, harmony, wealth, and love
  5. On this wonderful day being my birthday, i pray for the peace that passeth all understanding

Birthday Prayer for Girlfriend

  1. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever, i pray you shall be happy all the days of your life
  2. On this day i pray you receive a special blessing i or anyone else cant give you. Happy Birthday
  3. You shall be the best thing that ever happened to your family and friends today. Happy Birthday to my special girlfriend

Birthday Prayer for Brother

  1. My big brother, i know am too little to pray for you but i pray you go to higher heights as you are a year older today. Happy Birthday
  2. To my brother whose birthday is today, i pray for you that you shine brighter than a diamond in this life and beyond
  3. When brothers are being called you shall not hide your face in shame, that’s my prayer for you today. Happy Birthday
  4. Because you know and live up to the expectations of a brother, i pray you shall never lack
  5. The all-powerful God is your protector and huge rewarder; he will always find a way for you as you get older. I hope your birthday continues to be a meaningful event in your life. Amen.
  6. On your birthday, I pray that your trust in God grows with you and that you find solace in God’s love for you. On this great day, I wish you many blessings.

Send these birthday prayers now to make your friends and loved ones feel special about themselves on their most special day

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