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Emotional Love SMS To Win Her Heart

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  • September 23, 2021

Winning a woman’s heart is not an easy task but the benefits are tremendous, nothing better than being loved by a woman.

Women were made to complete men, so having one in your life makes you complete.

So here are some love SMS that can move her emotions in your favor to win her heart.

emotional love sms-min

Let’s go


How do you win her heart?

1. Do some little findings about her, find out about things she likes and dislikes and use that to your advantage

2. Always leave her wanting more, try as much as possible to withhold or withdraw from time to time, ladies love to chase because they are used to be chased and are tired of it so they want a challenge

3. Be nice and sweet to her and also be firm with her, ladies do not love weak guys who always do everything they want in order to please them, they also like to be told no or scolded when they need to be.

4. Be unpredictable, let’s face it, predictable is boring so if you want to win her heart you have to be unpredictable, always keep her at the edge of her sits.

She will always want to be with you because she knows that with you there is never a dull moment, truly girls crave excitement

5. Always be on her mind, do subtle things that will leave your thoughts lingering in her mind. I am not recommending calling her every minute or stalking her, doing that will only portray you as needy and insecure.

Rather give her memorable pleasant events, messages, and the likes. Less is always better and will make her always look forward to more.

Emotional love SMS you can send to her now

1. My heart skips a beat whenever you come around me, i cannot help it

2. I have come to understand that you cannot stop your heart from doing what it wants to do, i think about you every second and i cannot help it so i believe i want to be with you

3. My love for you is never-ending, i will love you still even when it hurts

4. All the money and power in the world don’t mean a thing without you, only your love can make me feel fulfilled

5. All i ever want is for you to see and love me the way i see and love you

6. They say what goes up must surely come down, but my love for you will keep going up until it reaches the heavens

7. It’s the way you look at me, the way you talk to me, the way you hold me, the way you comfort me, the way you lift up my spirit, and the way you make me feel loved

8. You are one of a kind because you are my lover and my best friend

9. You make me feel fine and i will love you to the end

10. I will walk a million miles and back just to prove how much you mean to

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