Question: I submitted a quote/comment earlier, and Why don’t I see it on the website?

Answer: If a similar quote is already on the website, it will not be approved. if you don’t submit a quote according to the format on the guidelines, it won’t be published. If you choose a tag not related to your quote, we may have moved it to the right tag. We check each submitted quote and publish the good ones.


Question: What is Quote tag?

Answer: Tags play a vital role in organizing quotes. Each quote can contain multiple tags and visitors can click on a tag to find similar quotes that have that same tag… For example, if your quote is about love, you can use Love, heartbreak or relationship etc as the tag. It all depends on what your quote is all about. Read more about quote tags here


Question: Why some of the quotes on this website don’t have credit to the author?

Answer: The website is being updated. We are adding author information to the quotes. However, for many quotes, we can’t tell for sure whom to credit it. If you could help us with the author of a certain quote, you can contact us here.


Question: How do I report a bug/error in the site?

Answer: Please contact us here and tell us about the error.


What’s the difference between a quote and a saying?

Answer: A quote is something that someone known has said or written. A saying is not credited to a person, the exact origin is unknown.


Question: I have a lot of quotes that I want to publish on but submitting quotes one by one is time-consuming, is there any way I could submit all quotes at once?

Answer: We can provide you with an excel spreadsheet format for multiple quotes. Please contact us


Questions: I have submitted a quote but my Spread Earning is showing “0”

Answer: Your Spread Earning will only accumulate when you have at least 1 or more Active Referrals.


Questions: What is Spread Earning?

Answer: Spread Earning is the actual amount of money you have earned for submitting quotes. Spread Earning is calculated using Spread Earning Metrics.


Questions: What is Spread Earning Metrics

Answer: Spread Earning Metrics are used to calculate the amount of money to be paid for submitting quotes. 


Questions: How many Quotes can I submit per day?

Answer: You can submit an unlimited number of quotes but you will only be giving QP for the first 2 quotes you submitted per day.


Questions: How many Quote Points per quote?

Answer: 500QP is giving to approved quote. This means you will only get QP if your quote is published and not immediately after you submit.