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Inspirational Quotes About Life & Love

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We learn every day and quotes are usually from people who have gone through one experience or the other and they offer insights and advice for the wise who are able to decipher them

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Love quotes

1. They say opposite attracts, but think about it, can you wear a different pair of shoe on your left leg and a different on your right leg? Rather familiarity attracts

2. To love someone is to understand them and not try to change them but compliment them by hiding their weaknesses

3. You will know you have found true love when you and your partner can laugh about real-life issues and get past it without hurting or putting each other down

4. You might think you love someone truly, but you love that person because it is convenient, love is never convenient

5. Expectations in a marriage or relationship ruin it from the start because when the expectations are not met, frustration sets in, and things become difficult and impossible to deal with

6. A man or woman that really loves you will regard sex as the least most important thing especially at the beginning of the relationship

7. Sex is not love, if sex was love, there won’t be prostitution

8. It’s best to be with someone who has the same mental capacity as you, if not you both will struggle to come to an agreement on virtually everything.

8. When you and your partner are not on the same mental frequency, they won’t understand and trust in you like they ought to, they are basically just operating on a different frequency, not their fault

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Quotes about Love

1. Love is not about doing something for someone hoping they will do the same in return

2. You don’t choose to love someone, it comes naturally the moment you choose to love someone, it becomes conditional and full of expectations

3. Love is selfless, to love your partner is to put him or her above you at all times

4. Love is true and it knows when to hold on and when to let go, it knows how to act and how to react, it is perfect in every sense

Inspirational Love Quotes

1. When you accept someone for who they truly are, over time they will change the things you do not like about them subconsciously in order to reciprocate their love

2. When you love someone for who they are and not what they can be, you will get the very best from them

I love you quotes for her

1. I love you means i put no one else above you

2. I love you is my bond and my commitment to you come rain or sunshine

3. I can show you i love you better than i can say i love you

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Love quotes for him

1. Bless the day you walked into my life, you brought the sun, stars and the moon with you

2. Am grateful and thankful for you, why? You know how to say sorry and when to, you don’t find that quality in men often

3. I Love You So Much Quotes For Her From The Heart

4. I love you so much that it hurts not to think about you for a minute

5. I want you to own and wear my heart not my ring, that’s how much i love you

6. Love is what we make of it, i choose to make my love for you simple and less complicated

7. Straight from my heart, i hope you can feel it, this love i have for you is real

I Love You Baby Quotes For Her

1. You will be always be my first baby even after we have other babies, none will ever take your place as my baby

2. To act like a baby is to show true love, babies never hold a grudge or malice, that’s how my love to you is, like that of a baby

3. It’s adorable to take care of babies, so my love for you comes with adorable care

Quotes about Life

Life Quotes

1. Life is what you make of it, whatever you give it, it will throw it back at you

2. Life can be beautiful, quiet, interesting, and thrilling depending on how you look at it

3. Life never gives you anything until you throw something at it

4. Love who you love because life isn’t guaranteed

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