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Miss You Messages To Send To Your Loved Ones

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  • September 22, 2021

Missing someone can be hard sometimes, you just wish they were there to talk or smile at you, you could miss the moments you shared together, sometimes some events or act stirs up the memories of the ones you miss.

So how do you express your feelings when you miss someone, well one good way is by sending them a message to let them know how you feel.

miss you messages-min

Here are some Miss You Messages you can send to your loved ones

1. I miss you like fat kid miss cake

2. I miss you like Santa miss Christmas

3. I miss your touch, your presence, your laugh, your expressions, your aura, i just miss everything about you

4. Whenever you call me to hang out, i always get the feeling, it’s about that time, guess whenever we are apart i miss you and i don’t even know it

5. Every single thought that comes to my mind always end with a feeling attached to you, the more i try to ignore it, the more the feeling gets stronger, I miss you

6. Since you left me, life has never been the same, the thoughts and sounds of you echo in the background of my heart. I miss you so much

7. When you are around me, i am able to be myself because you bring out the best in me, right now am not my best because you are not around. I miss you

8. Whenever my phone rings or a message comes in, the first thought that comes to my mind is the thought of you

9. When are you coming back, a day without you is like a year. I miss you

10. I know you have to be away for a short while, but anytime i remember you, i wish you hadn’t left. I miss you so much

11. Henceforth anywhere you go i go because i don’t ever want to experience this feeling am feeling without you right now

12. I will rather walk a million miles to be with you than to be without you again. Please come back to me soon, i miss you

13. I can’t think, i can’t eat, i am losing my composure, i guess i never realized you kept me grounded, no you are away, i feel lost and empty


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