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Send Motivational Words & Inspirational SMS to People Who Are Down

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  • September 19, 2021June 6, 2022

It’s a tough world, we need to encourage one another, what better way than to send motivational and inspirational words to others by SMS.

Don’t get to the top all by yourself, help others, the same people you help on your way up will also help you when you fall

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Let’s dive in


Motivational SMS

1. Don’t you ever cry when you are down because there is a tear every time that you blink

2. You are special because you make the right choices, so the sky is your stepping stone

3. Live your life, do not care what other people think, only be concerned about what God thinks about you

4. If the world throws a plank of wood at you, throw a piece of furniture back at it, you are more creative and resourceful than you can imagine

5. Life tries to put you down because you are meant for the top, so keep on pressing on, do not settle for less

6. Don’t let anyone or anything put you down, you were created to be put above all things

7. Being different is good, because no two people are born the same, you were born to make a difference in the world

8. Don’t think about the person you want to become, just be that person

9. In life there are those who simply exist and those who live, I urge you to live life

10. Things don’t always work out like you hope, but in all, you can always still make something good out of it, so don’t give up

Motivational Words

1. Everyone is born the same, but what makes some special than others are the choices they make

2. Family is what you need to survive, even if you do not like them, so be happy to be blessed with one

3. To be bothered about what other people think about you is to be a slave to them, better to be a slave to God than Man

4. Only you can inspire yourself, think of what you dislike the most and work so hard not to experience it

5. Life is stingy, so you have to take what belongs to you by fighting, if not you will get nothing from it

6. Don’t waste your time blaming life for putting you down, just stand up and keep going

7. You are your own biggest fan, so believe in yourself

8. Emotions suppressed can be your worst nightmare, so let it out and let it go to set yourself free

9. Challenges and trials are sure signs of progress in life, to get to the next level is to overcome challenges and trials

10. When you get to a roadblock, its always best to find a way around it instead of wasting time trying to fight it

11. It is better to experience an emotion or feeling than to avoid it altogether because, in the end, it will come back to hunt you

12. In life you don’t always have to understand everything, you just need to believe

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Short Motivational Quotes

1. The real test of your character is what you do with power, the real test of who you are is what you do when you have the advantage – TD Jakes

2. Until you learn to be merciful you might not be mighty – TD Jakes

3. Your mind is a weapon, it can do more harm than anything else you can ever imagine, so use it wisely

4. Too many privileges at once can be a liability

Deep Motivational Quotes

1. You can forgive everyone, but you do not have to tolerate everyone

2. If a man runs with men, it is called a race, but when he runs with God it is called grace. So humble yourself before God and let him give you the grace to run

3. Things never turns out the way we expect them to be, don’t let anyone tell you things happen for a reason, things happen because they happen, it’s your job to make things right

4. Whosoever humbles his or herself shall be exalted and whosoever exalts his or herself shall be humbled

5. A rich man that lives in a community where he has no regard for its welfare is as poor as the community

6. A man truly wealthy is a man that empowers and lifts up other people around him

7. When you bless people who cannot bless you back in return, you will be divinely blessed

8. Your altitude in life is ultimately determined by who you believe and trust on, so who do you believe in?

9. Listening to advice doesn’t make you weak, it only makes you wise, but the question is, whose advice are you listening to?

10. A great leader leads people by influencing them through inspiration and not intimidation

11. You have a body but you are not your body, you have emotions but you are not your emotions

Inspirational SMS

1. Anytime you feel lost and confused in this world, remember God’s promise Fear not, do not be dismayed I will help you

2. When you feel like the world is overwhelming, remember Jesus’s promise to you, be of good cheer I have overcome the world

3. Life starts for you when you think you are down to nothing

4. Life is one big puzzle and it is only solved by those who stand up to solve it

5. Aim for the unknown above and you will land in the skies no matter what

6. There is a difference between thinking and being

7. Times moves in only one direction which is forward, so never dwell backward on the past because it is of no use or importance

8. All men are created equal but some men work harder than others to come out on top.

5 positive quotes to inspire you

  1. When you let go of everything, you will gain everything
  2. When you are hurting or in pain it means you are growing
  3. When you focus on your inner self it will manifest in your outer self
  4. There is a treasure deep inside of you that is waiting to be explored by the world, so reach far within you
  5. The world is patiently waiting for the manifestation of your purpose in life, you have a whole lot to offer much more than your imagination

How do you motivate your team messages

  • Each of you has been rigorously and painstakingly selected based on your pedigree, I have utmost faith in you all
  • You all have been appointed at this time in history to make a dent in the world, are you up to the task?


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