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You Are My Queen Quotes From The Heart

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  • September 22, 2021

Every king needs a queen, without a queen the kingdom cannot be complete, a queen even in a chess game is more powerful than a king, this goes to show the importance of a queen.

They say behind every successful man is a woman, so behind every reigning king is a queen

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Let’s go


You Are My Queen Quotes

1. My queen, my assistant, my sidekick, my adviser, my counselor, my backbone, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my mitigator, my facilitator, my manager, my companion, my alibi, my all in all

2. You know how to hold down my kingdom because you were born to reign as a queen

3. Any time you are around i feel at ease and calm because you always know just what to do, you were born to rule

4. You are the queen of my heart, you rule the affairs of my heart, am at your mercy

5. No one can ever take your place because you have been ordained as the queen of my heart

6. A king cannot have two queens, just one, so you are my queen, any other is a subject

You Are A Queen Quotes

1. Everyone admires and adores you, that’s because they see a queen in you like i see

2. U are a shining star, a dime in a dozen, a diamond in the rut, and most importantly a queen among queens

3. A queen is one who stays in the background to do all it takes for her king to succeed and never tries to take the glory

4. The glory of a woman is her man, the glory of a king is his queen, you are my glory

5. A queen is built to support a king, and you do it so well, you are living up to your purpose

6. People always wonder how you move and do things so effortlessly and graciously, i guess they don’t know it’s because you are a queen

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Missing You My Queen Quotes

1. My palace and kingdom without you is nothing, right now i will trade both of them just to have you by my side, i miss you my queen

2. When will you return to you my queen, since you left i have not been able to perform my official duty as king

3. You are my pillar, i can’t do anything without you my side, please return to me on time so things can go back to the way it is supposed to be

Thank You My Queen Quotes

1. I am grateful to you my queen for standing by me through the thick and thin

2. You are one in a million, a true pillar of support, my kingdom is in your debt

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