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Home » Be Sweet to Her By Sending These Sweet Romantic Messages & Love SMS

Be Sweet to Her By Sending These Sweet Romantic Messages & Love SMS

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  • September 22, 2021

Be Sweet to Her By Sending These Sweet Romantic Messages & Love SMS

Isn’t it obvious women liked to be sweet-talked, am sure you always wonder how most women fall for so-called bad boys, well it’s because they know what to say, how and when to say those words that will melt the heart of any woman.

You to can charm your way into your lover’s heart

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Let’s get started

Sweet Romantic SMS

1. I am missing you like crazy, you will never understand the feeling, it’s overwhelming and much too strong1.

2. Can i lay by your side, next to you to make sure you are alright

3. We started as friends but now my heart says different, how did we go from there to here?

4. You can say all you want but i know you feel the same

5. There is probably a difference between us and a million miles, but love breaks barriers, so nothing can tear us apart

6. It seems am acting so silly and lovely, but you don’t know the love you are giving me

7. Hallelujah, you are an angel in the shape of my mom, whenever i fall down you are there pulling me up

Sweet Love Text Messages for Her

1. Tonight am going to lay you on the bed, no sex, holding is enough, just going to give you slow kisses till you fall asleep

2. Settle down with me, lie down with me, hold me, with your heart against my chest, and your lips pressed to my neck, am in love, kiss me like you want to be loved

3. Anytime you need a lover call on me,i will be waiting, my heart aches for you, baby i want you

4. Tick tock am waiting, there’s a fire burning, every minute and second, am thinking about you, its a blessing you are in my life

5. You are my life support, when i am with you me, my heart pumps so fast, you will never understand that feeling

6. You don’t understand nothing about love, cos if you do, you would love me too, baby take my hands and walk along, my love is true, baby i love you

7. You are a mystery girl, i have traveled the whole world and there is no one like you
We were kids when we fell in love, never knew what it was, i will not give you up now

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Sweet Love SMS

1. Now my life is so great, i feel no worries since i have you by my side, you have been the missing link in my life

2. Lay your head to rest, let us put love to the test, let love lead the way if we believe, lets us join our minds and hearts together

3. Love is a language straight from the heart, it breaks every boundary

4. Love is a soul search, out of all of God’s gifts its the greatest of all

Sweet Romantic Messages

1. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamonds may not be there forever, but my love will always be, my love will keep growing stronger every day

2. When you love someone its hard to let it go, its like a burning fire deep down in your soul, it’s like your favorite song, you don’t want it to end

3. This is straight from my heart, hope you can feel it, this is a fresh start, a brand new beginning

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